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Physical growth studies on the Japanese-Western pupils in comparison with indigenous Japanese

Sabtu, Januari 7th 2023.

Physical growth studies on the Japanese-Western pupils in comparison with indigenous Japanese

Kondo, S. & Eto, M. (1972). In Legal proceeding out-of meeting to possess review and you will conference of one’s All of us-Japan collaborative look on individual adaptabilities, Kyoto, May 1972. Japan society for the Promotion of Science and National Science Foundation, Kyoto.

Cross-sectional study within the 1971 during the Los angeles, Ca, out of cuatro–17 yr old Japanese. Throughout the forty males and you may 30 females each age group.

Analysis happened for the Philadelphia during the 1970

Cross-sectional data, 1954, of dos–19 year old Apache Indians in scheduling inside the Washington. 10–19 people and you may ten–23 women for every single decades/gender classification.

Krogman, W.M. (1970). Growth of the head, face, trunk, and limbs in Philadelphia White and Negro children of elementary and high school age. Monographs of your own Area having Browse inside Guy Innovation, 35, 1–80.

Longitudinal education, 1956–9 and you can 1965–six, away from seven–17 year olds from inside the Philadelphia. Lower-center to middle income, 35–167 boys and thirty five–147 people escort service Sparks for every single generation; middle class, 43–299 boys and you can 55–344 ladies for each generation.

Longitudinal, Kid Research Council examination of higher-middle class 0–25 season olds within the Denver, Texas, away from 1937–67. 50–70 boys and you can sixty–80 female for each and every generation.

Malina, R.M. (1972). Weight, height and limb circumferences in American White and Negro children: longitudinal observations over a one year period. Environment Son Wellness, 18(3), 280–283.

Semi-longitudinal investigation which have mix-sectional studies out-of top-middle income Light students and lower-middle-income group Black colored college students old 6–thirteen years. Europeans and you can Africans. Urban try. 9–52 for each and every many years/sex classification.

Meredith, H.V. & Spurgeon, J.H. (1976). Body size and form of Black and White female youths measured during 1974–5 at Columbia, S. Carolina. Kid Creativity, 47, 360–367.

Cross-sectional research, 1974-5, of 186 people of N.W. European origins and you may 201 people away from African origins. Urban area. Mediocre socio-economic condition.

National Centre for Health Statistics (1979). Progress curves for pupils, birth-18 ages, United states. National Health Survey. Vital Health Statistics, Series 11, No. 165.

Cross-sectional investigation accumulated between 1963 and you may 1974. Boys and girls aged dos–twenty five years. 42,417 ladies and you will 42,669 men was indeed counted. North americans.

M. & Lubin, A.H. (1973). Anthropometric differences between Black and White preschool children. American Log out-of Sickness of children, 126, 168–169.

Preschool nutrition survey 1968–70 in the us. Children old 1.5–5.5 years – Black colored (Negro) and White. Western european and you can African. Mixed socio-monetary position. Cross-sectional studies.

Pollitzer, W.S. & Brown, W.H. (1969). Survey of demography, anthropometry and genetics in the Melungeons of Tennessee : an isolate of hybrid origin in process of dissolution. Human Biology, 41(3), 388–400.

Owen, Grams

“Melungeon” ‘s the label given to people of unsure supply, inhabiting the new Appalachian Mountains where Elizabeth. Tenessee and you may W. Virginia sign up – most are categorized because White. Height and you will weight to possess adult men and you will female. Investigation collected from inside the 1965–6. Mostly Caucasoid people with particular Indian and possibly Negroid admixture. fifty guys and you will 78 ladies.

Raven, P.B., Taguchi, S., Drinkwater, B.L., Kaneko, M., Horvath, S.M. & Matsui, H. (1974). Anthropometric, spirometric and physiologic comparisons of migrant Japanese. People Biology, 46(3), 483–494.

Brief data carried out in Santa Barbara, California ranging from 1971 and you can 1972. 3 groups of male adult sufferers have been chose: Issei (Japanese), Sansei (3rd generation Japanese – Americans) and Caucasian (White People in the us). Metropolitan society. fifteen victims each class.

Reed, R.B. & Stuart, H.C. (1959). Patterns of growth in height and weight from birth to eighteen years of age. Pediatrics, twenty four, 904–921.

Longitudinal examination of 0–18 seasons olds into the Boston, Massachusetts, 1930–56. 67 per many years/gender classification. People regarding competent and you can white-collar workers, mobile, Irish origins.

Cross-sectional study into the 1978 out-of middle and lower classification Black children aged 10–18 age browsing personal colleges when you look at the Dallas State, Texas. Negros. Males. 11–16 each age group.

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